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KULTURANOVA - Novi Sad, Serbia

Kulturanova initiates intercultural and intersectoral dialogue in society, encouraging the creativity of young people through art education, production of cultural content and the improvement of public policies in the field of culture and youth.

The organization was unofficially founded in 1999, and in 2001 we were officially registered in Novi Sad. The organization was founded as the umbrella organization of all those young people who were tired of the closure of the then existing institutions and who, due to lack of experience, space, financial and other resources, could not realize their creative potential in art.

Kulturanova works in four areas, through its four programs

  • Teatarnova – theater and performance

  • Muzikanova – support for young music creators

  • Medianova – audio-visual and media content

  • Futuranova – innovation in cultural and creative industries.


Their vision
Novi Sad is open to creating a new culture. For them, a new culture is a process of building new social relations that encourage dialogue, self-examination and critical thinking. production of cultural content and promotion of public policies in the field of culture and youth.

Their goals are

  • to remove barriers to coexistence in Novi Sad and Vojvodina by initiating and encouraging dialogue between various vulnerable subcultural groups, especially migrants, “newcomers”, Roma, LGBTQ + people and people with disabilities; 
    promotion of creativity in order to improve work culture in non-cultural sectors and joint action for more effective social relations

  • developing a culture of dialogue between young people from Serbia and neighboring countries through joint production of cultural content

  • decentralization of culture through the placement of our content in the cities of Vojvodina that do not have a developed cultural scene (especially independent), as well as in parts of the city in Novi Sad that do not have enough youth and cultural activities

  • active participation in the processes of planning and improving public policies in the field of youth and culture in Novi Sad, Vojvodina and Serbia.



Preradovićeva 123/231

21132 Petrovaradin

Novi Sad, Serbia

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