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LA GUILLA - Palermo, Italy
Centro interculturale artistico siciliano (C.I.A.S)

La Guilla is a cultural association who use theatre as a mean to promote intercultural dialogue, non- formal education and empower youth.

C.I.A.S. - LA GUILLA is running a theatre in Palermo since 2008. They opened their space to the city and to our neighbourhood which is in the historical city centre of Palermo. From 2011 their cultural association represents a meeting point and an intercultural centre for the city of Palermo. In the last years the cultural association organised performances, exhibitions, concerts, theatre labs, training courses for young people and disadvantaged groups trying to use theatre as a tool to promote dialogue and fight against prejudice and xenophobia. During their theatre season, which is called "Bread and Theatre", they organise a special performance every month and for admission they ask the audience to bring bread and food instead of paying a ticket. In this way they collect food and goods for the organisations dealing with poor and disadvantaged people.

Their main objectives are:

- to support young local actors through training, youth exchange and mobility abroad;

- to encourage cooperation and international mobility in the field of youth among cultural associations and organizations;

- to support initiatives for European cooperation in the cultural sector;

- to foster intercultural dialogue and fight racism, xenophobia and radicalisation through arts;

- to promote international cooperation activities in the field of arts in general, and theatre in particular.

Theirs main activities are:

- management of a cultural space in the city centre of Palermo with dance, theatre, music and performances;

- organization of training and workshops for young actors;

- support to local communities through charity events using theatre, dance and music;

- youth exchange in the field of theatre with European partners;

- theatre and music labs in disadvantaged schools.



Via Sant’Agata alla Guilla n°18

90134- Palermo, Italy

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