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Multiplier event in Annecy, France

On Saturday, 21st October, ALTER EGO (X) organised the Fench final event of A.N.T.Y.G.O.N.E in Annecy, in partnership with the MJC CENTRE SOCIAL VICTOR HUGO

In the form of an international professional meeting, it was a day rich in content and emotion thanks to practical workshops to dive into the ANTYGONE theatre method, devoted time for networking and a time for feedback and exchange around a round table with all European partners.

In specific rooms in the MJC, each partner held a specific workshop representative of their work with the A.N.T.Y.G.O.N.E. method, that they used in the pilot sessions: for instance, Divadlo bez domova worked with music, while Valerio from La Guilla worked with the names game (see WP2), Jelena from Kulturanova guided the participants with her voice through a soft travel, and Morgane from ALTER EGO (X) and Cie Crépuscule used her voice to to make participant confront another character.

We would like to thank all the partners and audience who attended this event. And a big special thanks to the whole team at the MJC CENTRE SOCIAL VICTOR HUGO for their warm welcome and especially to Emma Coudray, cultural coordinator. And a special thanks to the International Relations Department of the Ville d'Annecy, who co-funded this event and allowed us to invite our European partners.

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