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Multiplier event in Novi Sad, Serbia

During A.N.T.Y.G.O.N.E multiplier event, which took place in Novi Sad in September of this year, we presented the dramatic methodology of A.N.T.Y.G.O.N.E to the participants. Our artists have used it in working with marginalised groups, building inclusivity, belonging and creativity. The event was not only dedicated to the presentation, but to the multiplication of acquired knowledge. Presenting our results, talking about the challenges, needs and processes we went through, we encouraged a discussion with the students about the application of this method.

One of the conclusions we reached is that only together, we can create an inclusive and participatory community.

The multiplier event took place during the multimedia, international TAKT Fest, which contributed to additional networking and exchange of experiences among the participants. Apart from the specific event, the partners transferred their knowledge, skills and experiences to other artists who are part of the festival: musicians, poets, painters, cultural workers. An additional value is that we presented this methodology to young people, as well as to the elderly, to those who work with children and young people, as well as to those who are at the beginning of their careers. Through multimedia presentation, conversation, performance and dialogue, we encouraged the participants to use the A.N.T.Y.G.O.N.E methodology in their further work or to research more about it.

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