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Pilot session in Athens, Greece

Teatro alla Guilla implemented their pilot session in Athens, Greece, where ANTYGONE method was born.

During the workshop, we worked on the Antigone drama, starting from the debate of the two points of view (Creon and Antigone) and comparing them to the European states and their law and the citizens, that want to help migrants and people come escaping from war and poverty.

We started arranging improvisation about those two characters and the chorus.

We worked using some ice breaking games and some theatrical games and techniques. The music helped us during the body improvvisation. We used the scenes that came from the participants to stage a brief performance.

Day by day we went deeper and deeper inside Antigone and Creon’s behaviours, trying to think if we were people like them. Triyng to think their thoughts.

The participants were really interested to find out new ways to work on themselves and meanwhile on the drama. After a week, their feeling was great. They started to understand how to handle the scenes and how to handle the working way.

They felt as a cohesive group, as a small theatre company, always ready to help each other on the stage. They passed their fear and their unsecurity.

The majority of them felt this workshop as challenge for themselves and a way to improve their creativity and good attitude to the others. The participants didn’t feel the difference between each other and their origin. Everything was about their freedom to express theirselves.

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