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Pilot session in France n°1 : young artists from Seine-Saint-Denis

The chore part of A.N.T.Y.G.O.N.E. project is the experimentation of the ANTYGONE methodology with different audiences, for each partner organisations. From April 6th to 10th, ALTER EGO (X) lead a theatre laboratory with young artists (18-35) in the process of professionalisation, from Seine-Saint-Denis department, a suburban areat of Paris.

The group was formed through an open call disseminated through social networks by the theatre company. Everyone came individually, without knowing anyone from the rest of the group. During five intense days at the Théâtre de la Girandole, they met each other and co-created a performance from the myth of Antigone, based on collective discussions and workshops directed by Théo Majcher, Morgane Pommier and Julie Crantelle, artistic directors and youth workers from ALTER EGO (X).

This week of workshop resulted in two public representations, at the Théâtre La Girandole (Montreuil) on Friday night and at Le Sample (Bagnolet) on Sunday, two cultural institutions well established in the territory of Seine-Saint-Denis.

From the myth of Antigone, the group decided to keep addressing the power of speech and society through the characters of the chorus, Antigone and Creon, alternatively - each participant had a moment in which he or she would be in the position of Antigone, judged, pushed, oppressed by the rest of the group, the chorus. They addressed contemporary topics such as social networks and transexuality,

The collective work and final restitutions led to a true group cohesion and enthusiasm. They were happy to meet each other, in a "professional and rigorous yet benevolant atmosphere". They found a space where everyting wasn't so measured and prepared as they were used to; they rather had a "softer, non-oppressing" space to express what they decided to as a group, and to position themselves individually, within a group.

For the youth workers directing the laboratory, this was also an intense way of experimenting the ANTYGONE methodology and approaching theatre and scenic methods they have learnt in Palermo.

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