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Pilot session in Serbia n°2 : LGBTQ+ youth from Novi Sad

For our second pilot session in Kulturanova we made an open call for LGBTQ+ youth inviting them to get involved and create with us. Members of our Teatarnova team Jelena Galović and Attila Antal led the workshops.

Objective of the workshops was testing out the contemporary drama methodology ANTYGONE, but also encouraging creativity, freedom of speech and critical thinking among young people and opening to the public issues that this community faces everyday.

We started with getting to know each other a bit better through various group forming, trust and liberation exercises, which help the participants to get more comfortable and slowly open up. We continued with initiating discussions about freedom and power in our society and in the world. Discussions about our goals and activities of the workshop.

Second day started with movement, theatrical and drama improvisations. All participants did a group and individual improvisation on given topics and then we did analysis of the Antygone drama and a discussion of different characters, their characteristics, differences and similarities.

We talked about music and inspiration for the body movement, finding inspiration and freedom through songs that move us emotionally. Introducing movement and the whole body as a tool for theatrical expression. Afterwards we started setting up scenes we got through improvisation, analysing and organising the material that was created.

The last day was reserved for lighting design and putting all the technical elements together. We had our final costume rehearsal and started to finalise the whole performance with costumes, props, lighting and music. We had the final rehearsal and we were ready for the Antigone final performance. In the afternoon we welcomed our audience, around 20-30 people came to see these brave and creative people perform for the first time. Public presentation of performance created through workshops was successful and the audience left with many questions on their mind. Even though there were some challenges and the group was small they still made a beautiful and powerful material in the end.

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