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Pilot sessions in Bratislava, Slovakia

Divadlo bez domova worked in Bratislava with two different groups. The first one was its theatre group – actors and actresses of Divadlo bez domova – mainly young adults and adults (homeless people, people with physical handicap, people with psychiatric diagnose). The second one was Vlčia svorka (Wolf pack), group of youngsters, including people in autistic spectrum.

In their sessions they combined introductions to the topics of theatre, history, rituals, shamanism, Ancient Greece, Greek mythology, Greek theatre, reading of Antigone theatre play with practical activities, improvisation and experimenting with sounds, rhythms, tempo, voice, intonation, movements, music etc.

People from marginalised groups can easily identify themself in this ancient play. They clearly recognise the abuse of power, patriarchal principles and synchronise with the act of civil disobedience in different ways. This method allows people with different physical or mental disabilities to create art. Including people with speech impediments, or people who do not speak the language of the country they live in can benefit from it. They have discussed and reflected the topic of “kalokagatia” (from Greek καλοκαγαθία – harmony of body and mind), which was very interesting especially for their actresses with physical disabilities. Divadlo bez domova plan to prepare the play Antigone as a theatre performance.

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