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Second Transnational Meeting, Bratislava (Slovakia)

From 25 to 26 November our second transnational meeting took place, in the margins of ERROR, International Festival of Homeless Theatres, hosted in Bratislava by our Slovak partner Divadlo bez domova.

During the weekend, the consortium, gathering hosting partner Divadlo bez domova and Kulturanova (Serbia), ALTER EGO X (France) and Teatro Alla Guilla (Italy), had the opportunity to meet again and :

  • Discuss the first outputs of the project, namely the Literature Review - a compilation of academic texts and interviews conducted in each country of the consortium with researchers and professionals in the field of theatre as a tool to foster social inclusion - and the Train-The-Trainers session - a week-long training session on the A.N.T.Y.G.O.N.E. methodology held in Palermo during the month of October by the Italian partner Teatro Alla Guilla.

  • To plan the next steps of the project, i.e. the theatre workshops with young people in situation of exclusion which will be conducted on the basis of the A.N.T.Y.G.O.N.E. methodology acquired in Palermo by the participants. Those "pilot session" will take place in each partner country between February and June 2023 with a total of 120 young people - 30 per country.

  • To discover ERROR - International Festival of Homeless Theatres, an inspiring artistic event organised annually by Divadlo Bez Domova for 16 years now. ERROR, which consists of performances, conferences on theatre practice to fight against all forms of exclusion, especially that of the homeless, which is the main activity of Divadlo Bez Domova, has enriched the A.N.T.Y.G.O.N.E. project with different visions and techniques. The participants of the Train-The-Trainers session were also able to take advantage of the festival to present the work accomplished in Palermo, and to benefit from the first feedbacks.

A big thanks to the partners and participants, and especially to the Divadlo Bez Domova team for this strong learning experience! We are sure that the trainers will be able to make the most of it for future workshops with young people.

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