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February 2021 - October 2023
Project funded by Agence Erasmus+ France Jeunesse & Sport

"Arts aNd Theatre for YounG peOple NEeds" (ANTYGONE) is a two-year Erasmus+ project focused on theatre and performing arts as tools to foster the social inclusion of young people, based on an innovative theatre method developed in other EU-funded projects by LA GUILLA Theatre. 

The project involves the creation of a Methodological Framework, a Toolkit and Recommendations for practitioners and youth workers to be able to use the ANTYGONE method and combine it with other best practices from partnering countries, to ease the social inclusion of disadvantaged youth and empower youth workers with new professional tools.

The project is driven by the principle that innovative training spaces form part of broader integration strategies that can actively help tackle issues of exclusion and support social inclusion of youth across the EU. The project moves from a review of theory and practice in the field of theatre as a tool for integration, to facilitating a toolkit that can be deployed by NGOs/theatre working in the field of youth, to an e-booklet with case studies from the partners and a collection of recommendations for practitioners and youth workers to work with theatre for social inclusion across Europe. The project aims at using theatre and performing arts as positive mechanisms to engage, connect and empower young people and to trigger new processes in youth policies implementation.

ANTYGONE emerges from two interrelated contexts: 1) previous and current Erasmus+ funded projects and 2) work on theatre, youth and social inclusion done by all partnering organisations. The consortium has a long-term experience in implementing EU-funded projects on theatre, drama therapy, performing arts as tools for tackling social exclusion and support vulnerable target groups. The needs that the project addresses are related to the new pandemic society we are living which requires new training tools and innovative methods to support young people in this particular moment: theatre is a powerful non-formal way to empower disadvantaged youth and youth workers need "updated" tools to face the new situation which is completely changing our societies and way of living.

ANTYGONE also wants to satisfy the need for the systematization of ANTYGONE method expressed by youth workers involved in previous projects where the method was used. This project will provide practitioners with a manual, a methodological framework and recommendations to support youth workers in their daily work with youth using theatre and performing arts.

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